A change of direction for our Sales Manager Gary and Wigan and Leigh Contracts Manager Rob, as they ditch the sales patter and step into charity work. Gaskells took over the waste collections at all Wigan and Leigh Hospice’s 13 shops earlier this year, and to get a feel of the work they do, Gary and Rob have spent a morning helping out at their shop in Shevington near Wigan.

Not just pretty faces, the pair proved a hit with one of the volunteers, Margaret, who wanted to keep them there full time. They were sorting through the incoming donations of clothes, checking the quality, sizing them up, pricing them up and then putting them out on sale.

It was really important to have Gary and Rob spend time there, not only to help out, but also to check on how our service is running, as this is the first time the Hospice has used a Commercial Waste Management Company for its waste disposal. In the past,  their waste went to the local authority tip. Rob worked closely with the Hospice, to come up with a more efficient solution which would free up staff, and make sure the charity’s van wasn’t out of action for collecting donations.

During their time in the shop in Shevington, Gary and Rob got to see the staggering amount of things people donate, which is fabulous, but unfortunately some donated items are unsaleable. This can be for a number of reasons, stained clothes, broken items, games with things missing etc. The charity recycles as much as possible but inevitably some items have to be  thrown away, which in the past, created a problem.













Since Gaskells took over, they have regular collection at the shops, and we’re pleased to say, so far, its thumbs up all round. Margaret told us “We get absolutely loads of donations, and the collections by Gaskells now have made a big improvement.. so thank you.”

Sales Manager Gary Wheeler said ‘This isn’t a one off, we will be working very closely with everyone at Wigan and Leigh Hospice, should any issues arise, or if we can think of any ways to make our service even better. We’d like to thank Margaret, Jen and everyone else at the shop in Shevington for having us in and showing us how things are run. They do an absolutely brilliant job.”

Wigan and Leigh Hospice is a very special place, providing vital services and support to people when they need it most, so we’re glad to be helping ensure more of the money donated goes to their services. We’re also be delighted to be helping reduce their carbon footprint, and increase recycling rates.

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