Pre-Paid Waste Bags


Pre-Paid Sacks

Pre-paid bags are one of the most versatile methods of waste collection for businesses of any size.

For smaller premises they offer flexibility as you can fill only as many bags as you need, while keeping any remaining empty bags for use during the next collection period.

For medium-sized and growing businesses, they can provide spare capacity on top of any bins or skips you have on-site, to ensure you don’t run out of waste disposal options before collection day.

And for the largest businesses with operations spread over a wide area, having waste bags available means that your employees can dispose of waste materials in the appropriate way even if a static container, wheelie bin or FEL is not nearby on the day.

Like our larger bins and skips, pre-paid bags can be collected on an agreed schedule, so that you are not left with waste materials piling up on your site; they can also be collected along with emptying any larger bins, if you decide to use both methods at once.

In general our pre-paid waste bags are suitable for small quantities of general waste, dry mixed recyclables and cardboard, and are particularly popular among business clients whose premises are short on space for a larger static skip or bin.

Bags are supplied in multiples of 200, and as mentioned this can be worked into your existing schedule for collection of bins or skips, or if you only want bags, we can arrange a specific collection date when you are ready to have them taken away.

If you have larger quantities of waste but still want the convenience of using space-saving bags rather than conventional, we can simply supply extra packs of 200 to provide you with the necessary capacity.

As your business grows, we can then advise on the transition to wheeled bins, static containers and front end loaders.


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