Roll On Roll Off Containers (Ro-Ro)


Roll On Roll Off Bins For Commercial Waste

Roll On-Roll Off waste containers, or Ro-Ro skips, are among the largest containers available for commercial waste management, suitable for the disposal of very large quantities of general waste and bulky materials like construction waste and scrap.

These containers are often used by construction contractors, as well as in the manufacturing sector, and by retail organisations with bulky general waste.

Due to their size and the fact that the waste is charged by weight rather than volume, they are also an especially good match for industries with large quantities of bulky but lightweight waste materials for disposal.

Sizes vary from 20 cubic yard capacity up to 40 cubic yard capacity.

Roll On-Roll Off Waste Container Collection Schedule

We appreciate that this quantity of waste might not be something you generate on a regular or reliable basis, although if you do have fairly consistent output, we can organise a regular collection date for your container.

If not, we can supply Ro-Ro skips on a more ad hoc basis, where you simply call us to let us know when your container is nearing capacity, and we can arrange a one-off collection charged by weight in the usual way.

Roll on Roll Off Skips make excellent short-term storage for recyclable materials, including scrap metals and off-cuts of wood and timber, until you are ready to have them taken away for treatment, reuse or recycling.

As you would expect of a container of this kind of size, the construction is very sturdy, making them some of the most secure options for storing waste on-site as well.

This should help to provide some extra peace of mind when storing large quantities of flammable waste like wood or cardboard, or potentially valuable materials with a high scrap price, such as large amounts of recyclable metal.

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1100 Litre Container

Roll On-Roll Off Skips (Ro-Ro)


20 to 40 cubic yards

High capacity containers, supplied in 20 to 40 cubic yard sizes.

Ideal for customers with large amounts of commercial waste.

Can form part of a scheduled collection service or a request service where you phone when a collection is required.

Waste charged by weight not volume.