Can Gaskells save me money?

Gaskells have more than 25 years experience in the waste industry, so are experts in our field.  Our team will be open and honest and tailor your service to suit your needs for the best price. What we won’t do is come in with a lower price just to get your business, then bring price increases in.  Our costing structure is totally open, with no hidden costs, so the price we give you is the price you’ll get. You can also be assured of our excellent service levels and customer care at all times.

I’m already in a contract with someone else for my waste, what do I do?

Gaskells has an experience team who will support you through the cancellations process with your current waste provider, to make the transition as smooth as possible. No matter how long the process takes, we’ll hold our prices until our start date, to make sure you’re still saving money.

Do I have to sign a contract?

An agreement is needed to confirm our commitment to you, regarding our service levels and costs, and also, to confirm your commitment to us. All our terms and conditions are clearly set out on the back of the contract you’ll sign with us. This will ensure your service levels are of a consistent excellent standard, and that all legal requirements are taken care of.

What kind of bin would suit my business?

This isn’t a one service fits all, so our team will need to speak to you first to understand your requirements. One of our dedicated Business Development Managers will then come and give you a free waste audit, to see what container is best for you.  Our team are professional, open and honest, and will give you the waste solution that fits you.

How often will the bin be emptied?

We offer weekly, fortnightly and daily collections. However frequently you want and need your bins to be emptied will be tailored to suit you.

What can I put in my bins?

We offer bins for all sorts of waste, from food waste to general waste and will tailor those bins to suit your requirements. One of our team of experts will explain what you can and can’t put in each one, but if you’re still unsure  – see below:

Wheelie Bins


Roll on Roll Off Skip

Compaction Equipment


Can I share a bin with the business next door?

The short answer to this question is no. The reason for this, is under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, all businesses have a legal requirement, which is called a Duty of Care, to make sure their waste is stored properly and disposed of legally. If you’re sharing a bin with your neighbouring business, only one of you will have the relevant documentation, so only one if you will be able to prove your waste is being disposed of legally and compliantly. An increasing number of businesses are being fined for not having a registered waste company deal with their waste. These fines range from £300 to £5,000.

I don’t create much rubbish, can’t I just take it home?

Again, as with the above question, the answer to this is no, because of the Environmental Protection Act 1990. All businesses no matter now big or small have a Duty of Care to make sure their waste is being disposed of responsibly and legally. It’s against the law for businesses to take their rubbish home as it should be dealt with as commercial waste, not domestic waste.

What is Duty of Care?

You’ll have read about ‘Duty of Care’ in a couple of the answers on this page. It applies specifically to business waste and is a code issued under section 34 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990. Quite simply, it means as a business, you’re legally bound to make sure any waste you produce is stored responsibly and only given to businesses authorised to take it.  Gaskells are fully registered and licensed waste carriers, and when you switch to us, our paperwork includes our Duty of Care certificate, so you can prove you’re disposing of your waste legally and responsibly.