Commercial Waste Compactor

Waste Compaction Equipment

If you generate large amounts of business waste, an on-site waste compactor helps make commercial waste management much simpler.

Waste compactors are machines designed to compress rubbish into a smaller state, allowing more rubbish to fit into the same size container. Doing so means you need fewer waste collections, thereby reducing costs and reducing environmental impact

Large quantities of waste – both general and recyclable – can be made more manageable using compaction equipment. 

Commercial waste compactors help to save space, crushing down large volumes of all kinds of materials and improving site safety and hygiene at the same time.

Compacting your waste prior to disposing of it in a container reduces vehicle movements, as they should require fewer journeys to collect a full load, and this has cost benefits and environmental advantages as well.

Each container that is removed has a higher overall payload when the waste inside it is compacted – cutting the carbon footprint of each collection in real and measurable terms.


Sizes and Types of Commercial Waste Compactors

Our static and portable waste compaction equipment is highly beneficial for businesses that generate large amounts of waste on a regular basis, allowing you to compact your waste on-site as and when you need to.

Capacity ranges from 20 cubic yards to 40 cubic yards, corresponding to the size of our Ro-Ro skips, and with the added real-terms capacity that comes from compacting your waste, this should cater for even relatively large operations.

We can supply industrial waste compactors along with ordinary bins or skips, allowing you to collect waste at multiple locations around your premises before placing it together in your compactor to crush it down to its smallest possible size.

To find out more about our compaction equipment, including the static and portable options best suited to your type of business, please contact us on 0345 305 2613 today for contact us online here.

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Commercial waste compactor
Gaskells waste compactor

Commercial Waste Compaction Equipment


For high volumes of waste.

Reduces waste volume before collection.

Save on transport costs and make your site safer and more hygienic.