Waste Paper and Cardboard Collections

Commercial Paper & Cardboard Collection Services

Government legislation now puts the responsibility to recycle packaging waste, paper and cardboard onto business owners.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for business owners to management the various waste streams whilst remaining compliant.

Whatever the volumes of cardboard & paper produced, Gaskells will provide a collection schedule and container solution suitable for your business.

Contact us to arrange a FREE SITE AUDIT.  By reviewing your waste volumes and container choice, we can work to ensure the best waste management solution for your business.

For more information on this or any of our other general commercial waste collection services commercial recycling collection services please do not hesitate to get in contact.

What size/scale of cardboard and paper can you collect?

Whatever size your business, we can tailor our card and paper recycling service to suit you.

All kinds of businesses generate card and paper waste, from packaging companies to retail to general offices.

Where should card and paper waste be stored?

Empty cardboard boxes, card and paper can be stored in our containers, which range from wheelie bins, FELs, and for larger quantities RoRo containers or compactors

Does it need packaging/ plastics removing?

All waste paper and card should be separated at source before it goes into our containers, to avoid contamination.  All cardboard and paper to be recycled should be dry, and clean. Where applicable,  packaging tape, and other plastics, along with polystyrene packaging should be removed.