We expanded our operation to cover Telford almost three years ago, and are now helping hundreds of businesses there to recycle and reduce their carbon footprint, due to our pledge to re-use and recycle as much waste as possible, and also our work towards reducing reliance on landfill.

Telford is celebrating its 50th birthday this year, it’s the largest town in Shropshire, one of the fastest growing-towns in the United Kingdom and in terms of business, one of the fastest growing areas for us.

Among our customers, to name but a few, Torton Bodies, AFC Telford, Telford Exotic Zoo, The Greenwood Cafe in Coalbrookdale, and we’re also proud to have been a part of the 50th Anniversary celebrations this year by providing our services for free at the Oakengates Carnival in June.

Oakengates Carnival in June. Can you spot our bin?

As part of the service we provide at Gaskells we stay in close contact with all our customers to monitor service levels and because.. well, we just like that old style personal touch! We’re proud of all businesses we work with, big and small and like to give them regular shoutouts.

This month, with a focus on Telford are a few of our customers we think you should definitely visit if you’re in the area.

The Greenwood Cafe

This place is amazing, a totally unique coffee shop, and a real hidden gem in the Ironbridge Gorge. It’s part of the The Green Wood Centre which was built in 1998 as an energy-efficient and sustainably sourced education and office facility by The Green Wood Trust.  The cafe was later added, which was taken over in 2016 by Jason, Michelle and their daughter Jodie-Lea. Gaskells have been managing the waste on the site for some years now and when the cafe was taken over, there was no reason for change. Our ethos and theirs both go hand in hand. A family run business, they’re big on sustainability and recycling and have been plastic free for quite some time now.

They also love coffee and cake.. so do we! If you’re in the area, well worth travelling to. A unique location, with great service, great food and great people. Proud to be working together.

Next on our list of places to go in Telford, another of our customers Telford Exotic Zoo.

This is a truly unique place which gives you the chance to get up close and personal with the most amazing animals from around the world. They include snakes, meerkats, armadillos, miniature horses, foxes, kangaroos, a crocodile, parrots, owls, chameleons.. seriously, every kind of animal you can shake a stick at. One thing we love about this place is it was set up to be very community focused and affordable by Scott and his partner, who are both incredibly passionate about animals and the planet we live on.

On a recent visit we had the chance to see a few of the animals and saw the delight on children’s faces on seeing the meerkats. More importantly we learned more about what a great place it is. Scott and the team carry out educational workshops for local schools and also provide animal assisted therapies which benefit the health and well being of a wide range of people from hard to reach and vulnerable groups. This can be as simple as taking one of the smaller animals to a local care homes as studies show the visits can have a positive effect on people suffering from depression, or other conditions, and also encourage them to be active physically. We’ve been working with the team there since they opened their doors to the public and are incredibly proud they’re on board with us. Very highly recommended.

If football’s your thing, we’re now on board with AFC Telford, a cracking club, which is also extremely community focused.  Click here  to read more on the work we do with the club.

Our spotlight on Telford couldn’t end without introducing you to Lucy, our Business Development Manager for the area. At Gaskells we are big believers in that old fashioned people to people contact and all our sales team live in the areas they work in and are passionate about them.

Lucy was born and raised in Telford, is married and has a beautiful daughter. She’s worked in sales for many year, and loves working in her hometown.

If you’d like Lucy to come and see you and give you a free waste audit and see how Gaskells can help your business, get in touch.

Contact Lucy for a free waste audit for Telford