With schools and colleges across England and Wales now carrying out mass asymptomatic testing for Covid 19, Gaskells Waste Services is offering specialist disposal of used test kits and other waste created, to minimise the risk of cross contamination and to keep everyone safe.

If swab or finger prick tests are being carried out, staff will be using a large variety of PPE, including gloves, protective gowns, and face coverings, which will need to be disposed of as clinical waste.  For finger prick tests, you will require a hazardous sharps container for the used needles.

Working with our specialist partners, Gaskells Waste Services provides safe and legally compliant infectious or contaminated waste disposal, and will arrange all aspects of the collections and disposal for you in one simple package.

We know things are different right now, so we want to help and make this as simple as possible so everyone in our schools and colleges can get on with what they do best, which is teaching and learning.

Get  in touch with our team for expert advice on which size containers you need and to arrange delivery.