Everyone at Gaskells is really sorry the Liverpool International Horse Show ended the way it did, with the devastating fire at the Echo Arena car park. We would like to echo Nina Barbour in saying a huge thank you to Merseyside Fire Service for all their actions on the night, and to all the team at the show, who made sure the horses and people were safe.  The team from Aintree Racecourse also stepped in and stabled some of the horses, so a big thank you there too.

An awful way for the show to end, but great to hear, thank you to the actions of so many, there were no injuries or even worse. It was also heartwarming to hear of the actions of many Liverpudlians, offering accommodation and lifts home to the many people who were stranded after losing their cars in the fire. Gaskells lost a couple of hundred bins after the car park was condemned last night, but, as with cars, bins can be replaced. It’s still such a blessing, when you see the ferocity of the fire, no people or animals were injured.

We’re also very glad to know the show WILL be back in 2018, it’s a truly spectacular event, one we’re very proud to be a part of.