A few months ago we gave you the fantastic news about Daniel Kinsella from the Wirral, beating leukaemia. Just a bit of background, Daniel’s dream job is to be a binman, it has been since he was aged 3, but when he was 5, he was diagnosed with the disease, so his mum Michelle got in touch with us. At the tender age of 6, while he was undergoing chemotherapy, Daniel became our youngest ever binman, joining one of our crews on their round in Crosby.

After three and a half years of chemo, and two years in remission, Daniel has now got the all clear. His dream remains to work in the waste and recycling industry, but he now has bigger ambitions of starting his own company. We’ve kept in touch with Daniel and his family over the years, and this month, were absolutely delighted to invite him in again to meet all the team. This time round, with his business firmly brain on, Daniel interviewed Jonathan about how he set up Gaskells all those years ago, with Jonathan even showing him a photo of the first ever truck he bought.

Our plant manager Ged took Daniel on a full tour of our recycling plant,  and weighed him on our weighbridge. (Daniel weighs 50 kilos if you wanted to know!)

Daniel’s favourite part of the job though, is being out on the bins, so Lynne in our Transport department arranged for him to meet one of our crews in New Brighton in the truck we named after Daniel, to help them on their round. We have to say after a four year break, Daniel was back on it… like he’d never been away.

Jonathan Gaskell said “When Daniel’s mum first got in touch with us four years ago and told us his story, taking him out with us was the least we can do. Everyone here was delighted to hear he’s now in remission, as he’s a fantastic little boy, and as I found out today, has a great business brain. Some of his questions were really tough, and I think in a few years when Daniel sets up his own waste company, he’ll give Gaskells a run for our money! It’s been really great to have him back in with us, and see him looking so well.”

Daniel’s mum Michelle said “I can’t thank everyone at Gaskells enough for always looking after Daniel, not just years ago when he was ill, but even now. For some kids, they like football teams and pop groups. For Daniel, Gaskells is his Premier League team, and when he woke up the morning of his Gaskells visit he was dead excited, saying “oh, I thought I was going to school today, but then I remembered I’m going to Gaskells! I know time is money, and again, I really do want to thank the whole team at Gaskells for taking time out with him.”