This week we’ve overhauled our waste management services at Edgmond Foods in Telford, Shropshire to make it more hygienic, more environmentally friendly, and save Edgmond Foods money, which is a win win right?

Edgmond Foods is a family-run food manufacturers, set up 30 years ago in the village of Edgmond in Telford, but moved to their current premises five years ago, which is a a bigger factory to cope with demand. The company specialises in quiches and is extremely busy, turning out 30,000 quiches every single day, for a number of the UK’s leading supermarkets including Morrisons, Lidl and Aldi. It’s operational pretty much round the clock, and as you can imagine, does produce quite a large volume of waste. We’ve worked with Edgmond Foods for some time now, providing 16 x 1100 litre bins which were emptied three times a week. At a recent meeting between Andy Foster, their Warehouse Manager and Gary from our Sales Team, we discussed a number of ways on how to make this service better, and one of our portable compactors seemed the obvious solution.

Gary said “Compactors are perfect for businesses which create a large volume of waste, and are beneficial in a number of ways. They create a tidier work environment and are more hygienic, along with reducing the number of journeys our trucks need to make to the site, therefore reducing the company’s carbon footprint. When we discussed installing one of our portable compactors on site at Edgmond Foods, I was delighted when Andy agreed this was the best way to go”.

Andy said “For us, the biggest thing is the hygiene aspect, and this will mean we won’t have 16 bins on site anymore, filling up and sitting there waiting to be emptied. Gary also identified financial savings too, which is a benefit to any business, so it seemed like a no-brainer”.

On the day of installation, our portable compactor was delivered and installed contact free, in line with current Covid19 regulations, along with full operational training and safety training given to the onsite staff at Edgmond Foods.

All bins are now being taken off site other than the ones which will be inside the factory and brought out to the compactor. The changes and benefits of the service will be obvious, and immediate.  From 16 x 1100 litre bins being emptied three times a week, this will now move to an as -requested service, which we estimate will be once every three weeks.

We will be making regular checks to make sure everything is running smoothly, as this is part of our service. At Gaskells, we don’t just say “Here’s your compactor” and leave you to it, a dedicated account manager is all part of our customer service, which we’re very proud of. We’re also happy to say we will be making future site visits to Edgmond Foods, if not only for the tasting sessions for their quiches! A fantastic company with a great team, who we’re proud to work with.

If you’d like to speak to us about compaction equipment for your business, get in touch for a FREE waste audit.

Just some of the benefits of using a compactor are listed below:

Creates a tidier and more hygienic work environment.

Can reduce collection costs.

Reduces fire hazard.

Saves storage space and outside parking spaces.

Reduces Insect/Rodent Problems

Prevents Windblown waste

Prevents anyone else using your waste disposal services.

Fewer trips to your site from our trucks, therefore making your business greener and reducing the carbon footprint.

Reduced Bin Damage/Fires… sealed containers reduce vandalism opportunities