Some people think they need to shred office paper for recycling – whether this is for security reasons or because they think the fibres can be recycled more easily if they are shredded.

When you use a trustworthy recycling contractor like Gaskells, there’s no need to shred documents before recycling, as we will make sure they are kept confidential from collection right through to the recycling process.

You also don’t need to worry about shredding paper in order to break up the fibres. In fact it’s best to keep the paper fibres intact as much as possible, allowing them to be recycled more times into higher quality recycled paper and other paper-based products.

This helps to get even more benefit out of recycling business paper waste, and is another good reason to work with a reliable, secure business paper recycling contractor like Gaskells so you don’t need to invest in paper shredders or spend valuable time and electricity on using them.