Gaskells Waste has invested in the latest tracking technology to improve our operations when it comes to our roll-on roll-off containers.

Gaskells are very keen on investing in pioneering technology which improve both safety and our service levels.  Our entire fleet is already installed with the pioneering Cyclear system, designed to protect cyclists and other vulnerable road users. We also have special cameras installed in all our trucks, so our drivers can see exactly what’s going into the back of our them, along with cutting edge weighing technology so all our customers can get a detailed breakdown of how much waste they’re producing. This latest investment in the PIN IoT  tracking technology shows once again how committed we are to improving customer service levels and efficiency, both of which are incredibly important, particularly in the current climate.

Across the whole waste industry, containers are notorious for disappearing. Every container is a valuable, revenue-generating asset to its owner, and yet a huge number are lost, stolen or abandoned every year. This has led to Pin IoT creating discreet yet robust tracking devices which are attached to a waste company’s assets to give them a live feed of where their vehicles and skips are at any given point. This gives waste operators much better control over their business and operations, which is of benefit not only to the customer, but the waste management company.

“It goes without saying that Covid-19 has been extremely challenging for the industry as a whole, with a reduction in waste volumes of around 50%. As the situation eases we are now returning to a more normal level of activity,” said Jonathan Gaskell. “Whilst we need to focus on growing the business we obviously need to balance sales growth with cost control. The PIN solution will help us to do this for our Ro-Ro operation. We have the capacity to grow without investing in additional containers, we will be able to plan our operations more efficiently, as well as target slow moving containers, and it also provides added protection from container theft.

“We have always looked to adopt new technology where it can give us an advantage, so the PIN solution made obvious sense. We have now integrated the PIN solution with our waste management software Purgo, which gives us precise control over container utilisation”.

Data shows Ro-Ro fleets are typically 30% larger than they need to be with some operators lacking visibility as to how many containers they have or exactly where they are located, leading to challenges with slow moving containers that often remain on a customer’s site for long periods of time. While at Gaskells we are already very good at tracking our containers this new integrated technology gives us an extra pair of eyes, so was an obvious choice. Also, although as a company, PIN IoT itself is very new, established as recently as 2018, but that doesn’t mean the team are new to what they’re doing, which is why we’ve trusted them to supply us.

Paul Byrne, CEO of PIN IoT said “Our team was previously involved for a number of years in another business where we built a similar solution to track different types of assets, then we came across the waste industry and we could see that the problem that we are addressing now was a very big one here, and we could see though the existing technology wasn’t good enough to solve it, new technology was emerging which comprehensively would. “So we joined those two things together with our expertise in wireless tracking of mobile objects, and that was the basis on which we incorporated the company. Our current solution is the only thing PIN IoT has ever done, but the team behind PIN IoT is experienced in this space. And that has enabled us to develop the solution that solves it in the most effective way.”