British businesses are required by law to minimise the amount of waste they produce by the following methods in this order:

1. Reducing the total amount of waste produced
2. Reusing waste materials as much as possible
3. Recycling waste materials that cannot be reused
4. Recovering waste materials to replace non-waste materials

The potential to achieve some of these aims is limited – for example, not all waste can be avoided, not all waste can be reused, and not all waste is suitable to use in place of a non-waste equivalent.

But in the case of clean card and paper waste, there are few limitations on the percentage that can be recycled, especially when you use professional business waste contractors like Gaskells Waste, who prioritise recycling paper waste as much as possible.

What quantity of cardboard and paper waste can we collect?

At Gaskells, we are aware that all businesses produce recycling waste no matter how big or small. Whether you are a nationwide packaging company producing a tonne of cardboard, or an independent retailer with a few bags of shredded paper, steps need to be taken to ensure waste is correctly disposed of.

Cardboard recycling can take up an enormous amount of space and many establishments admit to throwing it away simply because they do not have the ability to store the quantities of waste being produced.

We can provide you with the correct sized recycling bins and a tailored cardboard and paper waste collection service to help your business keep running at optimum capacity and ensure you stay within the acceptable amount of paper waste stored on-site.

Whatever the volume of cardboard and paper produced, Gaskells will provide a collection schedule and container solution suitable for your business.