Gaskells has joined forces with Liverpool homeless charity The Whitechapel Centre to raise awareness of the dangers of people sleeping in bins.

The number of people sleeping rough is on the rise, and figures from the Environmental Services Association have shown over a five year period, between 2011 and 2016, ten people who were rough sleepers and had sought refuge in a commercial bin have died, either by being smothered by what’s in the bin, or not being able to escape before the bin is lifted and tipped into the waste collection truck. The case of missing airman Corrie McKeague has highlighted, once again, the dangers. It’s believed he sought refuge in a bin whilst on a night out, and searches are ongoing at a landfill site.

Gaskells are in the middle of a campaign where stickers are being applied to all containers, warning of the dangers of sleeping in bins. The stickers display contact details for support services and it’s hoped this will encourage more people to come forward for help.

the homeless sticker on gaskells commercial binsA family run firm, with strong values, Gaskells has its head office in Liverpool, and is committed to supporting worthwhile charities, so have chosen to provide financial support to The Whitechapel Centre, whose hard work and dedication to helping homeless people is incredible.

Gaskells said “With winter well and truly on the way, people will be seeking refuge from the cold weather, and a bin, full of cardboard, and with a lid, provides shelter and warmth. We find it really sad that in this day and age, this is still happening. Having been to The Whitechapel Centre to see first-hand the work they do, we felt compelled to step in, as it’s important Gaskells does something to help our community and The Whitechapel Centre provides an invaluable service”.

Ruth McCaughley, Frundraising Manager at The Whitechapel Centre says “We’re absolutely delighted Gaskells have chosen to support The Whitechapel Centre over the coming year. Not only will they be supporting us with a range of fundraising activities but they will also be working with us to raise awareness amongst rough sleepers about the dangers of sleeping in bins. Sleeping rough is dangerous at any time but climbing into a bin can be fatal.”

To further highlight the campaign and partnership, along with bins being stickered Gaskells have also branded one of their trucks with all the details for The Whitechapel Centre.