Denise Banks, our Commercial Director at Gaskells Waste Services, and Gary Wheeler, our Sales Manager, have both agreed to be thrown in jail, to raise money for our chosen charity of the year, The Whitechapel Centre.

The work The Whitechapel Centre does for homeless people in and around Liverpool is invaluable. They provide warmth and shelter, a place where people on the streets can go for a shower and hot meal. They find accommodation to get them off the streets, and also educate them to hep them find work and integrate back into society.  Gaskells already provides some financial assistance, and has also teamed up with The Whitechapel Centre for a campaign highlighting the dangers of homeless people sleeping in bins.


The Whitechapel Centre is a charity, and relies on donations, so we’ve also committed ourselves to raising as much money as possible for them over the next 12 months. We’ve already taken part in last October’s Liverpool Sleepout, which saw 300 people sleep out overnight in the grounds of a church in Toxteth, and raised more than £48,000.





For this latest fundraising challenge,Denise and Gary will both be ‘arrested’ by officers from Merseyside Police, fingerprinted and thrown in a cell for a night. This isn’t a pretend cell by the way, it’s a proper custody suite at Belle Vale Police station in Liverpool. It’s a very gruelling task, with no home comforts whatsoever. The good thing about this is the more you pay, the longer they stay. This is what YOUR donations will get:

£500 – the prisoner will be kept in custody for four hours. For every £100 further pledged the prisoner will be kept for an additional hour.

£1500 – the prisoner will be kept in custody overnight and released the following morning.

£3000 – the prisoner will be roused whilst sleeping every 30 minutes.

£5000 – the prisoner will be roused whilst sleeping every 15 minutes.

The event is taking place in March 2018, so there’s plenty of time for you to donate.

To keep Denise in jail click on the link below

To keep Gary in jail click on this link

We’d like to say a big thank you to Kenny Waste Management and Roydon Recycling UK who’ve already made substantial donations.

Please donate if you can. The work The Whitechapel Centre does really is invaluable, and very close to our hearts at Gaskells as our drivers see people sleeping on the streets every single morning.

Read more about The Whitechapel Centre here