Two of our bosses have been involved in a charity lock up, along with other business leaders from across Liverpool, and raised a whopping  £11,895 for our chosen charity The Whitechapel Centre.

The Lock Up Your Boss 2018 saw officers from Merseyside Police arrive at Gaskells Head Office on Monday lunchtime, ‘arrest’ our Commercial Director Denise Banks, and our Sales Manager Gary Wheeler, put them in handcuffs, and cart them off in a police van to be thrown in a cell. The moment of arrest was streamed live on our facebook page. If you missed it, take a look at this.

Also taking part were five other prominent business leaders from Merseyside, including Julie Fadden, CEO of  South Liverpool Homes, Barbara Spicer from Plus Dane Housing, and David Carter from The Whitechapel Centre.

The ‘lock up’ saw the seven ‘willing’ volunteers,  spend hours in the custody suite, at a freezing Belle Vale Police Station in Liverpool, with the aim being: the more money they raised, the longer they will remained ‘locked up’.

The volunteers were ‘arrested’ and taken to custody where they underwent the full custody ‘experience’ including being booked in, interviewed, photographed, having their fingerprints and DNA taken and finally provided with a bail certificate when they were allowed to leave.

Denise and Gary were finally released at 10pm that night, after nine and a half hours in custody.

Gary even managed a sleep in his cell, with his snoring disturbing some of the other inmates. After his release he said “it was one of the best sleeps I’ve ever had, phone off, and feet up, total peace and quiet. In all seriousness though, it was a great event to take part in, great camaraderie with everyone involved, and more importantly, raising a lot of money for a very worthwhile cause.”

On her release Denise said the worst thing about the whole thing was the outfit: “I had to wear the kind of pumps you wear at school when you’re about 6, and a brown paper suit, the cut of which left a lot to be desired. But, again, being serious, I would like to echo what Gary said. It was fantastic to be involved in, we met some really great people, and of course, raised a lot of money for The Whitechapel Centre, whose work to help the homeless in and around Liverpool is invaluable.When I was asked to take part, I had to say yes. While it was a fun event, there is a serious message about how people on the streets can end up in prison at some point, so I’m proud to have taken part.”




Chief Inspector Michael O’Malley of the Community Engagement Unit said: “Merseyside Police are proud to be working with South Liverpool Homes and Plus Dane to deliver this unique fundraising event.

“All the funds raised will be going to two very worthy charities, the Whitechapel Centre and the High Sheriff’s fund. I would encourage people to make kind donations to support what has been a fantastic event.”

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